Receiving Communion on Holy Saturday

Question: Someone told me that I should not receive Holy Communion on Holy Saturday Morning if I want to receive Holy Saturday Night.  Is it true?  And can I eat on Holy Saturday if I’m going to receive Holy Saturday Night.  (Anonymous)

Answer: Well, we will begin with your first question: Can you receive at both Liturgies on Holy Saturday?  The answer is yes, provided that you are prepared.  You prepare yourself by fasting and going to confession.

Now what if you are prepared, should you receive at both Liturgies?  The answer is still yes.  At every Divine Liturgy that Father Jim or I serve at, we must receive Holy Communion.  Now normally one priest can only serve one Divine Liturgy on one Altar Table on one day, but there are exceptions to the rule.  The exceptions are Christmas, Theophany and Pascha.  So since we are allowed to receive on those days, so then you are too.

Now to answer your second question, it is obvious that if you are going to receive Holy Communion at the morning service, you shouldn’t eat in the morning before Divine Liturgy.  If you are going to receive Holy Communion at the night Divine Liturgy, then you should have a light lunch and not eat again until after the service.